Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Christmas Decorations

I decided to try out the camera on my cell phone this afternoon. While it is a good phone and has a 5 megapixel camera the photos are pretty grainy and smaller than I expected. But I did managed to get a few shots I liked even though they are rough.

Monday, December 5, 2011

Scavenger Hunt Sunday Submissions

I was feeling a bit better today so I decided to go on the hunt for some of this last weeks prompts. I decided to head to the Old Court House Museum to see what I could find. Here is what I came up with. 

I really got lucky Spiderman was just hanging out so I was able to take his portrait in one of his classic poses. Alright, I am stretching a bit here,  but it was such a fun shot I wanted to share it.

Knowing I still needed a real portrait shot, when I got home I attempted to convince my dog Max that it would be fun to take his portrait. Well, after nearly a zillion shots of him moving all over the place I managed to get this semi clear shot. By the way I had to bribe him with Fruit Loops!

Nostaglic (Ida's suggestion)
The museum really was a great place for this series. They had this really cool exhibit on bicycles. Boy did that take me back a year or two. Although my kids may say that I was around when this beauty was first ridden, I can honestly say it was way before my time!
Time (Ida's suggestion)
Speaking of which, coming back down the stairs from the bicycle exhibit I happened to look up and much to my delight was met with this sight.
Three out of five wasn't too bad, but I was still short the following two prompts when I left the museum. I considered going in search of them but remembered that I had gotten some really cool shots at the Parade of Lights that I have yet to share. So here they are:

Full of Light (Mikayla's suggestion)
I just loved how the flames filled the dark street full of light.

 Motion (Mikayla's suggestio
I decided to zoom in slightly on one shot and really loved the forward motion that it added to the shot.

So there they are folks, my submissions for this weeks scavenger hunt.
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Next weeks prompts
  1. Less is More
  2. Holiday Lights (Exploring with a Camera Prompt - click HERE for details)
  3. Ornaments (Michelle's suggestion: 25 Days of Christmas)
  4. Cup of Cheer (Michelle's suggestion: 25 Days of Christmas)
  5. Nativity (Michelle's suggestion: 25 Days of Christmas)

Sunday, December 4, 2011

Rural Small Town Photography

Due to a nasty winter flu bug this last week I had to pass on some fun photo shoots and reschedule  planned ones. Although sick my week did turn out to be a productive one, (learn more here) yet I do not have any new photographs to share. So instead I have decided to pull a few from my archives. 

These photos are all SOOC shots taken in and around the small towns in Iowa.

Have a great week!