Friday, August 16, 2013

Lightening Express

This last week my Son-in-law who enjoys working on models asked me to photograph the truck he had just finished as a tribute to my late husband who loved his Kenworth and whose nick name was Greycloud. 

At first he wanted the truck photographed with the black backdrop but then we both saw the great reflection when we sat the truck on the wood floor, so I snapped a few more shots.
weekend reflection submission

I know my husband would have loved this truck. If he had seen it when we owned our black Kenworth he would have wanted to paint our truck orange with lightening bolts.

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Friday, August 2, 2013

Capturing the light

Such beauty when nature captures the light.

Sky watch Friday Submission
Late afternoon thunderstorms make for amazing sunsets. This photo of the clouds capturing the light of the setting sun was taken from our front porch.

Weekend Reflection Submission
When a mid day breeze disturbs the water of the lake it may lose the mirror reflection but it gives us a glistening reflection as it captures the light of the sun, turning the choppy surface into a glittery blanket.

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