Wednesday, October 23, 2013

Ugly Mom Prom

Last Friday I had the opportunity to join a wonderful group of women for their Ladies Night Out. This year they decided to make it even more fun by going with the theme Ugly Mom Prom in which they each tried to out do each other by having the ugliest prom dress. When I heard of their plans I mentioned that I would love to photograph them and they invited me to join them with my camera. 

Unfortunately the photos did not turn out very well as they held their event in Applebee's where the lighting is extremely poor and using my flash would have disrupted the dinners. To make matters worse the lighting was all tinted red and green. I realized right away that capturing this lively group of women in the given lighting condition was going to require more equipment than I brought or would even be allowed to use inside the restaurant. So, I explained that they would actually get much better photos with their cell phones than I could get with out the use of my flash equipment but they still wanted me to join them and take some shots. It turned out to be a very fun night and I did get a few fun shots although they are probably the worst shots I have done in a long time. The biggest plus is that I had the opportunity to meet a wonderful group of women. I do hope that I can get to know many of them better.

Here is a peak at the fun.
 I tried to save a few of the shots, but overall they are still of poor quality.

Even the outdoor shots taken just after sunset were difficult as the night was very chilly and these bubbly women were so energetic holding still for even a moment was nearly impossible.

I am just really glad that I offered to do this for fun and was not being paid to photograph their event. They all seemed very understanding and hopefully they don't think these photos are a good example of the quality of work I typically provide.

Monday, October 7, 2013

Light Source

Alternate light sources can be fun!

solar powered yard light taken off its' post and set on the table.

and of course the old stand by candles, lots of candles.

Friday, October 4, 2013

Sensory Reflection

This is not a composite photo but a single photo of a reflection on the sensory panel of a solar powered lawn light which caught my eye earlier this week.