Friday, January 15, 2016

Finds On A Frozen Friday

I braved the cold this morning and headed out to find a fun reflection and sky scene to photograph for two of my favorite link ups. I headed down town hoping to catch reflection of shoppers bundled up on a cold day. Unfortunately I guess I was the only one crazy enough to be out walking in the chilly morning. But I did find a geometric reflection of the sky and tree branches in a restaurants facade. 

Linking up with Jame's Weekend Reflection

I had planned on heading over to one of the parks to capture the sky shot but when I saw how pretty the clouds looked behind the Philips Avenue clock I decided to go with that shot and get in out of the cold.

And with Friday Sky Watch
Linking up with Skywatch Friday
This morning the temperature was right around 14 degrees and only a gentle breeze, but the temp has been dropping and the wind has been picking up. Our high tomorrow is only suppose to reach 5 degrees and continue to drop with a high of -5 on Sunday. So it looks like no more outdoor photos for a few days at least.

Thursday, January 14, 2016

Thursday Thoughts N Shots

So I had this odd thought that it might be fun to do a post about odd photographs. Yes, anyone that knows me well will tell you that I often have odd thoughts and often take odd photographs. 

Off I went to my archives in search of the oddest photograph and settled on this one.

At a glance it may not seem like such an odd shot, but these ice crystals are not some cool crystal formation found in nature but ice crystals that formed on as my family calls it a 'science project' that was found at the very back of our refrigerator one afternoon when I was cleaning it out. Needless to say my family thought I was nuts when I stopped my cleaning to go grab my camera so I could photograph the crystals.

So do you take photographs of odd things? If so, what is the oddest thing you have taken a photograph of? I would love to hear about it.

Now for another odd thought; what if this were a linky. Wouldn't that be fun to share posts about our thoughts on photography that include one or more photos relating to that thought? What do you think?

Friday, January 8, 2016

Weekend Reflection:

It has been some time since I joined the fun over at Jame's Weekend Reflection but I am glad to be participating again. If you enjoy reflective photography pop on over and join in the fun.

One thing I really like to do during Christmas time is try and capture fun reflections in the ornaments on the tree. This last Christmas I thought it would be fun to capture the doll I was photographing in one of the ornaments.

This next shot is my favorite.

This last image would be my favorite if it weren't for the fact that not only did I capture the doll I also captured myself taking the photo. 

For me the hardest part about photographing reflections is getting the shot I want without it capturing me at the same time. Do you have the same problem?

Tuesday, January 5, 2016

Making way for 2016

I figure the best way make way for 2016 is to share some of the photos I took this last summer and archive the rest so I can start fresh. I hope you enjoy these.

The down town sculpture walk in Sioux Falls always draws my attention. I am continually awed by the detail the artists incorporate into their sculptures.

The abundance of bright flowers adds to the busy streets charm.

Now top all that off with the intricate details on the historic buildings and your eyes have a virtual feast.

But if it is too busy and noisy don't worry there are plenty of quiet spots in Sioux Falls. Like the Japanese Gardens. My friends little dog really liked this spot.

Or if you prefer wide open tree scattered parks with little quiet nooks of flower gardens try McKennan Park.

Last but not least you can always escape to the Big Sioux River with it's gorgeous Falls that give our little city it's name, for a relaxing moment.

I hope you have enjoyed these snapshots of summer in Sioux Falls.

May this new year bring you peace, happiness and of course many photographs of the special moments.