Monday, February 6, 2012

Scavenger Hunt Sunday:

I can't believe a week has gone by already, although it does goes fast when you sleep most of it away. Although I was able to get a few shots taken before the flu landed me in bed for the rest of the week, I only got one for this challenge. So I hunted through my archives and found a few fun shots for this weeks prompts.

Strike a Pose:
My youngest granddaughter is always ready and willing to strike a pose. I just couldn't pass up taking a shot of her posing for her mom.
I would also like to share this shot of one of my favorite clients. Even though our sessions are very relaxed and lean more toward candid sessions this mother and daughter are great at striking poses that look candid.

The first shot for this prompt I actually did take at the beginning of this week.  Thankfully the majority of our ice and snow is now gone. Maybe I will get a chance to wear a pair of shoes like in the second shot which was taken with my cell phone a few weeks back.

I decided to share a college that shows off one of my many hobbies. I enjoy designing and creating historically dressed dolls. This dolls' dress and bonnet were inspired by an 1880's french walking outfit. The outfit and accessories including shoes are all hand stitched.   

Have you ever noticed that the inside of playground equipment can be very shiny?

Color Me Green:
This is Mr. Todd, he was preforming last week and I was lucky enough to not only get to hear him preform but also to get some great shots. This photo is not altered the strobe lights changed colors during the show.

Next Weeks Prompts:
Facial Feature (Sacha's suggestion)
Shadow (Sacha's suggestion)
Spicy (Kat's suggestion)
Gold (Kat's suggestion)
Fabric (Christian's suggestion)


Saun said...

How in the word do you walk in those shoes. Nice series this week.

Ashley Sisk said...

I love the perspective of your shiny shot!

Mad Mind said...

I've been so jealous of everyone who's kids agreed to pose. I had no cooperation at all. I love the pink shoes.

Nancy E said...

Great photos! I love love love the dolls and your hobby. How cool.

BF said...

Great set, I love your green shot, and shiny is really good too!