Sunday, April 15, 2012

Sunday Submissions

There are a number of Sunday meme's that I really enjoy. So I have decided to combine a Scavenger Hunt Sunday and Your Sunday Best  on this blog and place Sunday In My City on my other blog.
So here are my submissions for Scavenger Hunt Sunday and Your Sunday Best.
Found this on one of the playgrounds and thought it was perfect for this post.

For the scavenger hunt this week I took my grandchildren on a walk through the housing track to find a shot for each prompt. Here is what we found.

This simple little wind chime was hiding high on a branch near this tree.

I had almost given up trying to find a shot for grain when I noticed the kids playing with the sand and it clicked, why not grains of sand.

This transportation themed tic tac toe is built into one of the playgrounds we visited. Not long after I shot this a plane went overhead and I couldn't resist so you get two for this prompt.

I was going to take a photo of my grandson's stitches he got when he fell and cut his gum line open but they had all dissolved. Instead I decided to try out the stitch assist on my older Cannon Power Shot. Here are the stitch results.

Having no bottle of bubbles for the kids to play with Sissy and I decided the best way to get a shot of bubbles was for her to blow spit bubbles. Needless to say her mom was not all that pleased with me, LOL.

 I hope you have enjoyed my Scavenger Hunt Sunday submission. Please click on the button to visit more great blogs and see what they came up with this week.

Now to link up with A Rural Journal for My Sunday Best.
There were so many shots this week that I really loved it was very hard to pick my favorite of the week. Of course many of my favorites are of my grandchildren and since the Sunday best is only one photo I have decided to reserve this submission for my favorite from  either a photo shoot or one of the non family shots. So here is my favorite non family shot of the week.


Anonymous said...

Great pictures :)

Lori @ Photograph Life said...

Great set! My daughter blows spit bubbles with her son!

Holly said...

Love your simple shot, so pretty!

Ashley Sisk said...

Great perspective on grain - bubbles made me laugh.

Nancy Claeys said...

These are all so creative, Nita! The grains of sand I thought was particularly inventive. Thanks for sharing your lovely flower photo at Your Sunday Best this week. :)