Monday, September 10, 2012

Scavenger Hunt Sunday

It has been a while since I was able to join in the fun of Scavenger Hunt Sunday. This photo prompt meme is both fun and challenging. Here are my interpretations for this week and if you enjoy these please pop over to Ashley Sisk's blog and join the fun.

This is not the monochromatic shot I wanted to find but it is the only one I liked that I found.  This is not a black and white shot nor even a black and white conversion. The image is in color, it just happens that the paint was such a dirty white as to be almost grey.

Starts with the letter:
The M from Max's bar and grill.

Upside down:
I had yet to decide what I was going to use for this prompt when I went to the park with two of my grandchildren. I told them I still needed to find a good shot for upside down when my grandson said how about this. So of course I took a shot of his upside down pose.
Then I suggested my granddaughter swing high and lean over back so I could get a shot of her almost upside down  in the air. Well, unfortunately she is afraid of heights so we compromised. I laid on the ground on my back in the path of the swing as she swung upside down on her tummy. Thankfully the seat of this particular swing was high off the ground she didn't have to swing high for me to get this shot.

This weekend my two daughters and I died our hair, and I had every intention of taking fun shot that included all three of us. However, my oldest daughter got sick and isn't up to posing for the shot I want. So I am pulling this one I took of her hair last time we died her hair from my archives.

Don't the petals on this flower look soft as velvet?

Next weeks prompts:

1) Kiss
2) Askew 
3) Fragrant 
4) Simple 
5) Plant

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Carrie said...

i LOVE your pics, especially the monochromatic one ~ that is too cool :)
Thank you again for visiting mine xxx