Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Withering Beauty

During a photo walk Sunday evening with a few photographers from Clickin Moms I was drawn to the beauty of some of the doorways on a few homes that seemed to be in need of some TLC. It dawned on me that name of gallery 23 of 52 Photos Project was perfect to describe these beautiful doorways.

This majestic old home is in the process of receiving some much needed tender loving care. The stripped columns almost look like heavily rusted metal instead of wood.
I really loved the steps up to this door but what really caught my eye was the contrast of the shiny new kick plates on the weathered door.

If you enjoyed these you may want to head over to the project and check out the other withering beauties:

52 Photos Project


CherryPie said...

They have seen better days haven't they?

Deborah said...

fabulous captures!

Bella said...

Beautiful. I love old doorways.