Sunday, November 16, 2014

Taking a Break or Stranded?

Last Thursday I shared photos of people enjoying Memorial Park on a mild Autumn day, among them was this photo.

It is easy to assume that this city park worker was merely taking a break but that isn't the case. Do you see the stair like structure in the upper left corner of these photos. It is part of the overflow drain from the man made Memorial lake.

This second photo was actually taken before the top photo. When I first saw the worker he appeared to be checking the run off from Memorial Lake. I had seen a tractor a short distance from where he stood and decided to cross the bridge and ask if I could get a photo of him and his tractor. He didn't seem to be in much of a hurry to get back to work.

When I asked, he laughed and said he had tried to cross the drainage ditch when the back wheels of his tractor became buried in mud. The run off appeared very light and the heavy layer of fall leaves hid the fact that the soil was very wet. He was just waiting for a co-worker to come rescue him. Just then his rescuer arrived.

They hooked up the wench line.
 Prepared for a fun ride.
 A few minutes later he was free to get back to mowing.

The park is now covered in snow and the winds are whipping around some very icy air. I wonder if this worker is now clearing snow covered walkways.

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StarTraci said...

I would have thought a break, as well. At least, he was stranded in a pretty place.

William Kendall said...

Even inconvenienced like that, it's a nice place to be in.

bill lisleman said...

Good story with all the pictures. Did you tell him that you were a blogger? I imagine this would have been a bigger problem before cellphones.

Claudya Martinez said...

Great story that we never would have known if you hadn't approached the man.