Tuesday, June 14, 2011

M & K - Father's Day Photo Session

Yesterday I had the honor of photographing these two lovely children. Their mom is planning a very special Father's Day present for their father which will include photos from the session.

Three locations were chosen for our session. First we headed to Falls Park to take a few fishing shots and some fun photos on the rocks and near the falls.

Next it was off to the library. I learned a very important lesson at the library....always have your tripod with you! I had left the tripod in the car because when I spoke to the librarian a few days ago to make sure it would be alright to do a photo session inside the library she seemed reluctant until I said I would not be bringing a lot of extra equipment, just me the kids and one camera. At times I have a mild tremor in my hands and of course this turned out to be one of those times. Due to this most of the library shots are a bit on the blurry side. I am so glad this was not their main location or we would be shooting this all over again.

blurry shot w/brush effect added click for better view
Then we were off to Tut Hill for a shot or two the the flowers and trees. One thing about this time of year is the over abundance of gnats. Little K was not very happy with all the gnats near the flowers so we were not able to convince her to get too close.  We did finally find a few flowers that were not swarming with gnats and got some flower shots.

This last shot with the halo effect is one of my favorites. I only wish there had not been so many gnats around the trees as I would have loved to get a shot of K in this same location.



XLMIC said...

Yes, excellent use of backlighting! That came out great! I love the one where she is looking up to him. These will make a very wonderful Fathers Day gift :)

Ms Bibi said...

Beautiful shots.Your kids are very photogenic and this would make the perfect Father's day present.