Thursday, June 16, 2011

Spur of the Moment Photo Opportunity

Had a lovely afternoon working with Crystal on a photo shoot then we decided to take a bit of a nature walk and play with our camera's. It turned out to be a terrific opportunity for some really sweet shots, here are a few of my favorite.

Crystal and her children are so photogenic I can't resist a chance to photograph them, whether it is a planned photo session like the one we did last month or just a spur of the moment opportunity like today. Of course with the interesting lines of the bridge and river I couldn't resist some non human shots.

At Jack's recommendation I  did the landscape crop on the forth photo.
Here it is.  Thanks Jack it does look a lot nicer than the portrait crop I originally thought of doing.


Jack said...

Nita, try a landscape crop of the fourth photo, not too far below them.

Nita Davis said...

Jack funny you should mention a crop on that fourth photo. When I first looked at it I thought about cropping it but then thought maybe it would lose the leading line. Thanks so much for the recommendation.

Jack said...

It looks good, Nita. Cropping is very subjective, and we all like different things. I thought you had nice interaction between mother and child, which got lost with the distant shot.