Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Cover Photo of Garrison Keillor's New Audio Book

The last two weeks have been wild and exciting for me. In addition to launching my improved website and preparing six art pieces for the Mayors' Artability exhibit, I just found out that one of my photos I added to Morguefile's stock image site has been used by Garrison Keillor on his latest audio book "My Little Town". 
Here is the SOOC shot
When I took this photo in 2004, I was doing a series of small town main streets in north western Iowa, which were then used on greeting cards and postcards. I do offer this image on a number of products such as postcards, click here to see products featuring this image. I love the look of small town main streets and hope to put together a photo book of them in the future. Here is the edited version that I prefer to use.
Having one of my photos used is exciting all on it's own, but to have Garrison Keillor using one is extra exciting for me because I love his Lake Woebegone stories. He will be preforming locally in February and I hope to go see him.

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