Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Scavenger Hunt Sunday Submissions

Things have been wild and I have been missing so much fun. So I hope no one minds that I pulled mainly from my archives so I could play along this week.

Mainly one color: Some cool blue rocks?

Around the home: JR Scrabble is a great game to play with the grandchildren. You never know what silly things they will come up with.

Reflection: This on I actually shot today. Isn't the sunset over the icy lake beautiful?

Writing: How about a bit of writing on the wall?

Water: I took some shots of a filling a bubble bath but wasn't happy with the way they turned out so you get this little waterfall instead. :D

Have a great week!
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Lea's Menagerie said...

Good choices! I think I like Reflection the best. Happy Thanksgiving!

Ashley Sisk said...

Love your reflection - gorgeous.

Cindy said...

they're all great but my fav is also the reflection one!

Raymonde said...

Hi Nita, thanks for visiting. I love your reflection shot and your writing on the wall. Have a great day. Hope you had a wonderful Thanksgiving. :)