Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Scavenger Hunt Sunday on Tuesday

I had almost given up participating in this weeks scavenger hunt. This weeks prompts were very challenging and I had not gotten out to hunt for them until today. I found all but one prompt. For that prompt I will be pulling from my archives. Here are my submissions:

Meet me on the corner:

Mother nature meets technology:
I shot this photo last week during OpSail 2012. The plain in the photo is the Hawkeye. The satellite on the Hawkeye records all possible dangers including storms and relays that information to naval ships.

One step at a time:
When I was thinking of this prompt the first thought that came to mind was a baby's first step. Having no baby's to photography I changed my train of thought. It occurred to me that going off to college is the first step to independence for many. So here is nearby Old Dominion University.  

What's wrong with this picture:
This is a two for one. 

While some may think the 'hats' are the wrong part of this photo they are not the reason I chose this for this prompt. When I took the shot we were obviously goofing around and I didn't set the angle up correctly, thus the two eyes framed in one lens of the glasses.

Standing tall:
Every time I see old growth trees I am impressed by how long they have stood tall against the elements and man.
So there it is folks, my submissions for this weeks challenges. Now please be sure to click the button to hop over and check out what others have found.

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Ashley Sisk said...

Ahhh very creative with the what's wrong shot.