Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Mid Morning Walk

I had the privilege of meeting fellow blogger and photography enthusiast Linda from 'Taking time and a walk', and her husband Dan this morning for an enjoyable  mid morning walk. It turned out to be a beautiful morning.

Although I have been down to Waterfront Park on a few occasions, each of those times had been for events. Needless to say I was so focused on the events I missed some important sights, like the Armed Forces Memorial. It was great to have this wonderful couple giving me a bit of a tour, not just pointing out great photo ops but also giving me a bit of history, and taking time to get to know each other.

I had actually walked out onto this square to take photos during Op Sails and had not even realized that the paper like sculptures were replicas of letters sent home by service members, some of them dating back to the Revolutionary War. I have been to many armed service memorials but non as touching as this one.

I was enjoying myself so much just getting to know Linda and Dan, I am sure I would have missed this shot if Dan hadn't pointed out the crabs. 

While ordinarily I like to get close up shots of sculptures and statues, for me the beautiful sky reflection in the buildings behind the reunion statue added to the joy of the moment.

Nearing the end of our walk we headed to a nearby cafe. On the way I just couldn't resist a bit of street photography, especially since this family out enjoying the morning were just right there. 

Walking to the cafe we enjoyed the play of light on the various buildings. The clouds were definitely getting thicker and it was beginning to look as if we might get a bit of rain. Sure enough by the time we were ready to leave the cafe a gentle rain was falling. Our walk had come to an end but I believe our friendship has just begun. Thanks Linda and Dan for a great mid morning walk.

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Linda said...

You got some great photos! Thanks so much for the chance to get to know you and for sharing our walk with us! It was a pleasure!