Monday, July 9, 2012

Scavenger Hunt Sunday: Independence Day

I hope you enjoy this Independence Day themed series.
In celebration of Independence Day I created this composite by combining two of my photographs taken last year with photos contributed by three other photographers.

View from above:
Taken from the upper level of the parking garage where I parked to go view this years July 4th fireworks in down town Norfolk.

I took this last year of my Granddaughter and thought to the photo for patriotic but decided it would be a fun one to try out one of the online mosaic applications. 

Something Tiny:
Just before the fireworks started I noticed the moon rising between the buildings. It looked so tiny, I had hoped to get another shot maybe with the fireworks but once they started the moon was no longer visible. This is not the best shot and not the best for something tiny but I thought the moon was beautiful so wanted to share the photo anyway.

The evening was vibrant in so many ways, first with the beautiful sunset and then the sky lit up with vibrant colors from the fireworks. 

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