Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Arizona Wild Life

One of the things I miss about country life is the abundance of wild life of the non-human variety. Here are a few of the creatures I came across while on vacation in Arizona.

Of course these little lizards were seen in abundance.
 The bird feeders where rarely free of these pretty little birds. I was hoping to see the hummingbirds my father in law speaks of but unfortunately it was the wrong time of year.
 I did see a lot of deer as they roam the area coming right down into the yards. There was a group of three deer that came around every day. I was very surprised one day when the three deer seemed to be concerned that one of the little dogs was wandering too close to the edge of the property and they watched him. At first I thought maybe they were watching because they felt the dog was a threat but as the dog wandered past the drive and close to the brush on the hillside the deer actually came toward the dog chasing it back to the yard.
While at the Grand Canyon I was surprised to see that this elk actually wandered calmly around the buildings and walkways without seeming to be disturbed by all the people.
Thankfully I didn't come across any rattlesnakes, but I did see this sign with a rather odd looking rendition of a rattlesnake.
My In-laws often see fox's, wolves and other wild critters roaming through their yard but these were all I got to see. What wild life do you see where you live?


Dianne said...

the elk is amazing!!
I'd love to see him in person
wonderful photos
thanks for stopping by :)

TexWisGirl said...

so pretty! love them all!