Sunday, November 4, 2012

SHS: Arizona Adventure

I am so glad I decided to stop on by Ashley's Scavenger Hunt Sunday post before putting together today's post. As it turns out I was easily able to find each of the prompts from pictures taken this past week while I was on vacation in Arizona. So here they are:

Although wild the deer near my In-Laws home are very tame and wander almost up to the front door.

Soft lights and open arms welcomed me on my arrival at my In-Laws home in Northern Arizona.

My husband often spoke of the vacations with his parents as wild adventures and now after a week exploring Northern Arizona with them as guides I completely understand. 

When we first got to the Grand Canyon I was a little disappointed that although the rock formations were amazing it all looked very dull. Then as the sun moved across the sky and the angle of the rays changed the canyon leaped to life with vibrant hues of blue, purple, red, orange and green.
Sunday Best Submission

In our adventures we visited this quaint shopping center built in the style of a classic Mexican village.

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Nancy Claeys said...

Sounds like my kind of vacation Nita. So happy you shared with us at YSB this week. xo

Marie said...

Very nice! I know you enjoyed your vacation.

Jen said...

Nice photo of the Grand Canyon. It's one of the few places that actually lives up to the hype.

Miranda said...

Your Grand Canyon shot is wonderful. That is definitely one place I would love to visit sometime!