Monday, September 19, 2016

Playing with Lightroom Presets

While processing photos for last Thursday's Photo Challenge post I decided to try out various presets on a silhouette photo I had taken. For this experiment the only processing was to apply the various filters. The only other changes made were to reduce the size of the image and add my logo. Here are the results.

Original Image
 This first set were processed using filters that come standard in Lightroom 4. 
The preset name is under each photo.
Blue filter

B/W Contrast Low
Cross Process 2
B/W Look 5
Split Tone 2

Now for a few processed using Lightroom presets from the free presets offered by

I am really having a difficult time deciding which I like best. Of the standard presets it is between the B/W Contrast Low and the Split Tone 2, although I do like the Cross Process 2 as well. As for the Hacking photography presets that is much easier, my favorite there is the HP_Orange_Light_Correction. Although I do not like the halo affect that appears on all of the HP presets, I am sure if I had tweaked a few things I could have corrected that but I wanted to show how the image would look with only applying the preset. 
What do you think?

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