Thursday, September 15, 2016

The Challenge: Texture and Silhouette

This week I am covering the fourth challenge which I accidentally skipped, and the seventh challenge of the 30 photo challenges. To make these challenges even more difficult it was pouring rain when I had the time to pull out my camera and work on the challenges. I grabbed my camera and headed to take my youngest daughter to work hoping I would think of somewhere that would have interesting subjects for the challenges. With the gloomy skies and all the ran I thought I was going to have to just head back home and set up my lights and find a subject there. Then I saw that the parking lot lights were on and shining really bright. After a few minutes of looking around the car for something interesting to shoot, this is what I came up with.

4th Challenge: Texture

I parked with the light about 50 feet in front of my car and hung my necklace from the sun visor. I took this shot and then remembered that I had the white balance set for tungsten lighting so I changed it, but decided I really like the blue cast of this photo much better than the other photo. I did boost things like clarity and tweaked tones a bit to enhance the texture aspect. Side note: The red spot in this photo is a passing cars tail light reflected in the raindrops on the windshield.

7th Challenge: Silhouette

Same necklace, just a different section. Once again I shot with white balance set for tungsten. The only post processing I did with this photo was a slight crop to remove a thin line of the visor which could be seen at the top of the photo and to boost clarity by a little.

I do believe that the poor weather actually did me a favor, because it made me get more creative with both the subject matter and how to meet the challenge under less than ideal circumstances. Side note: The moon like white spot in this photo is actually the light reflecting in a raindrop.

In addition to these photos of my necklace I also took some silhouette shots of the two action figures that my friend has sitting on the dash of her car, which I was driving. I often shoot texture shots but seldom shoot for a silhouette, so this was a lot of fun in that aspect too. How about you, do you look for and take texture or silhouette shots? 

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