Monday, July 11, 2011

Confusing Reflection

One night a few weeks ago after shutting down my computer I could see a reflection of the lamp behind me. In the reflection I noticed a rainbow X extending out from the light bulb. I turned around and could still see the rainbow X on the wall. Of course I had to take a few shots. This is one of four shots I took and although I thought I took the shot straight on, after adjusting the shadow it is obvious I took it of the reflection and not of the lamp directly. This is the only shot with the glowing lines in the upper left corner and I am really confused as to what may have caused those lines, as I do not remember there being a similar reflection on the dark computer screen. There were no other lamps or lights on besides the one in the photo. The only thing I can think of is maybe I turned slightly causing light from the lamp to reflect through the prisms in my glasses just as I took this photo? Anyone have any ideas?


Cheryl said...

I don't know about the light reflecting off your glasses but I see the lamp is sitting next to an aquarium and light changes around water AND glass. Do you think it's some sort of bounce back reflection? Was there a filter on your lens?

Nita Davis said...

Thanks Cheryl for your comment. No I didn't have a filter on the lens. I didn't think about a possible bounce back reflection. The aquarium has no water as it is a snake aquarium, but then it is glass so maybe.