Sunday, July 31, 2011

Weekend Reflections: Traveling

While driving from South Dakota to Virginia this last Thursday and Friday I captured a few reflections. Generally I like to look for reflections in unusual places, but who can resist taking a few mirror shots while on a long car trip?
While my daughter was driving I decided to tried to take a short nap using one of the kids pillow pets. As I got comfy I noticed the reflection of the pillow pet in the side mirror and decided to capture it.
 At one point traffic became backed up for miles due to constructions. We were very tired and only three miles from the off ramp for our hotel. That last three miles took us 45 minutes, talk about frustration.
Now for a few different kind.

Yes I was a bit bored and decided to take photos with both my Canon and with my daughters Nikon at the same time. If you look closely there is a nice reflection of the trees out side the driver side window in the lens.
And last reflections of myself and my daughter in my grand-daughters glasses. We had a long drive but safe trip and I am looking forward getting lots of fun photographs while I am on vacation here in Virginia.
Joining in with Jame's and all the amazing folks for Weekend Reflections, hop on over and enjoy some really wonderful photography.


'Tsuki said...

Nice set of reflection ; I like the first one with the stuff bear... said...

Sounds like you had a very pleasant journey, and you managed to grab a few creative and innovative shots, thanks for sharing your experiences, look forward to see some shots from Virginia

Pat said...

These are neat shots! I, too, am a fan of reflections from the side mirror. I have several of those while traveling with our trailer hooked on the truck!

Martha Z said...

That is a long drive but it sounds like did your best to enjoy it.