Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Small Town Series Part 4: Rock Rapids, IA

This small town is named for the rapids on the Rock River which runs through the town. This shot of the rapids was taken at a park along the river which hosts campsites and picnic areas, which is located just off the main street down town. Once you have entered the park it is as if you were miles from any civilization, I was completely amazed that such sanctuary could be right just a few blocks from the Lyon County Courthouse.

Of the many small towns I have been through in Iowa Rock Rapids is one of my favorites because of their love of art. The town is determined to become the Mural Capitol of the US, and they are well on their way if they haven't already reached that goal. All around town you can see fantastic and beautiful murals like these two that fit the buildings and locations on which they have been painted.

 Here are a few places of interest this small town has to offer.
Veteran's park with Historic cabin
County Museum
A look at the main street

The town is not big by any means but I was rather surprised by the tiny police department.

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