Monday, August 29, 2011

Style or No Style?

I often here comments about a photographers style or aesthetics, and have even been ask what mine are. I am never quite sure how to answer that question. Generally my response is 'If it catches my eye, I photograph it". Sometimes the strangest of things catch my eye, like these orange cones.

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 A short time back, I came across a photo challenge where you were to go through your archives and determine what color you were drawn to and then photograph a color outside your comfort zone. They even gave a sample of how to combine the photos into a grouping to see what colors were most frequent. In their sample one color was clearly predominate in each photo. I went through my archives and could not put together anything like what I was shown. Instead I came up with the collage seen on the left here.
 My older archives are mainly nature and architecture and of course candid family photos, which I left out of the above sampling. This last year though my eye has been catching all sorts of things as is evident in the following samples of this last weeks photo jaunts.

I still see a definite lean towards nature, and yet I do not think of nature photography as my style. As for a predominate color??? So what do you think, do I have a particular style or color theme? Or, is my style just a Hinze 57?
(Some of these photos have been featured in various post on my blogs this week, here; here and here.)

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