Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Creating An Inexpensive But Elegant Backdrop

Recently I decided I wanted to get more of a studio look with some of my portrait shots. Of course that means I needed to get some type of backdrop. After looking around I decided that at this time it was more than I could spend to purchase professional backdrops. But this did not stop me from improvising.

First I purchased a rolling garment rack and then went in search of material. I was fortunate to find approximately ten yards of this wonderful 110 inch wide draping material at a Goodwill for only $3.00. I wasn't exactly sure how well it would work as the fabric is a bit sheer so I had to first hang a plain white sheeting behind this fabric but I am happy with the results. However, as you can see by this photo it is not wide or tall enough to do full standing shots, so I will be heading to Home Depot to get longer tubing to increase the width and height of the garment rack.

After putting it all together I set up my lights (made from regular old automotive shop lights) and my camera and had a little test run. Just as I expected the width of the backdrop frame is too narrow for any distance shots.
It was however just fine for closer shots. I do need to figure out a better way to get the focus right when doing self portraits though.

The total cost so far for the backdrop is $15.00, ten for the rack, $2 for a king size white sheet and $3.00 for the fantastic print sheeting.  Both the material and king size sheet were purchased at thrift stores. Looking around I should be able to get the tubing to increase the width for under $21 dollars. Do you have any favorite materials that you use for backdrops? I will be keeping my eyes open for more fabrics to create different backdrops.

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Oi Nita, fiquei feliz com sua presença, e seu comentário. Obrigada! Estarei sempre aqui te lendo e vendo suas fotografia. Sua postagem esta muito bonita. A foto esta linda, o cenários ficou maravilhoso. Parabéns. Beijos e uma ótima quinta-feira.