Saturday, January 21, 2012

Scavenger Hunt Sunday: It's A Wild Life

Time for the fun Scavenger Hunt Sunday. This weeks prompts were so much fun.

I did attempt to get out at sunset this week but with the freezing cold and the wind I chickened out so my sunset submission is from my archives.

Black and White
Generally I shoot full color and then switch only a few shots to b/w during processing. However, I did set my camera to monochrome for a series of photographs this week. This was my favorite.

A Day in My Life
After a great deal of thought I chose to capture an abstract photo that depicts my rather wild, crazy and colorful daily life. Focusing on my rather wild bedroom curtains I used a slow shutter speed and manual movement of the camera to capture a number of really cool abstracts. This is the one that I feel most depicts my daily life.

When I read the suggestion for this prompt I was pretty excited because this is a prompt where I can share my passion for photographic art.  My submission is a composite multiplicity photo created this week using four different photographs taken specifically for this purpose early last fall.

I just loved the look of so many of the shots I took trying to capture my wild life I decided to share another one as my shot for colorful. I call this one Wild Child.

Next weeks prompts:
Smile (Saun's suggestion)
Stand Alone (Saun's suggestion)
Rusty or Something Old (Saun's suggestion)
Artificial (Terrie's suggestion)
Repeating Pattern (Terrie's suggestion)
I hope you have enjoyed my photographs and will join us at Ashley Sisk's just click on the button below.


Andrea Dawn said...

Your "Four" shot is just beautiful. Enjoyed your B&W and colourful as well. Great set.

Cedar said...

Those are great abstracts! Fun and beautiful! LOVE that composite for 4...I need to try that!

Tamar SB said...

These are all gorgeous! Love your colorful and day in the life - beautiful!

Wendy said...

Great set of pictures! Love your interpretation of A day in my life!

Sinbad and I on the Loose said...

One of the better submissions to SHS and am impressed with your "four". Well done.

Ashley Sisk said...

Such creative work - love four!

stephanie g said...

Oh man, your "four" is awesome!! Very creative. I have to try this!

Chrystal Oates said...

Wonderful photos. I love your monochrome and four shot. I agree it's so cold. Too cold to head outside. Have a great day.

momto8 said...

wow! these are so interesting to look for thought!

Valeria said...

Love your crazy life :)

Melissa Rich said...

Wow, really creative and wonderful work! Love that abstract, and four is so cool!