Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Scavenger Hunt

Once again I am posting my Scavenger Hunt Sunday finds a bit late, but here they are. It has been such a hectic week I was not sure I would get a chance to find shots to meet the challenges.

Low Key
When the term low key is mentioned my first thought is of relaxing. I considered (for about three seconds) taking a photo of myself curled up in my easy chair with a book. Instead I went in search of a scene that would have a relaxing feel. [ oops, guess I should have googled 'Low Key Photography', sorry I am doing my homework now and will hopefully have a proper photo up soon for this prompt.]
I did my homework and learned what low key in photography means. Luckily striving to capture "low key" shots is not new to me and I was able to go into my archives to get one of my favorites.  This was taken a few months back when I was visiting my daughter and grandchildren in Virginia.

The Color Wheel: Monochromatic/Analogous Color
Here is my monochromatic photo for this prompt. If I was 20 years younger and that jacked was burgundy instead of brown I would buy this in a heartbeat.

Although the recommendation for this prompt was to consider combining it with a self portrait, I figured I did that last week. I have been wanting to share this cool circle photo I took at the clock shop when I did last weeks self portrait.

When I saw the prompt for scarf I thought, 'cool this is going to be easy'. Think again. I wanted a street photography shot of a person wearing a scarf. Should be a piece of cake.  It is FALL for crying out loud! All summer long I saw people wearing scarfs. But now, not a one! Instead I had to settle for going to the mall and finding a neat looking display.

Of the numerous 'Phone' shots I took this week, this is my favorite.

My thanks to Ashley at Ramblings and Photos for hosting the scavenger hunt and to  Paper Heart Camera and Olivia for their prompt suggestions.
Prompts for this coming Sunday's Scavenger Hunt

  1. Inspired by a Book or Movie
  2. Brown (Paper Heart Camera prompt)
  3. Hazy (Olivia's suggestion)
  4. Coffee or Tea (Olivia's suggestion)
  5. Linger (Olivia's suggestion)  


Saun said...

Like your telephone shot. I wasn't sure at first about the low key so I google it. Thanks for visiting my blog :)

Ashley Sisk said...

I actually really like your interpretation of low key - completely works!

Patrice said...

That telephone shot is quite a find! Good job!

Kimberly said...

These are all great! Love circle and phone!

gotmycamera.wordpress.com said...

These are great...both of your low key shots are really nice. And funny i had the same issues you did this week....i had no idea what low key meant and for the life of me no one was wearing a scarf.