Thursday, September 8, 2011

A Beautiful Climb

While on our nature walk at Palisades we came to a fork in the trail. My granddaughter asked me which way and I chose the fork leading back to where we had left my husband.

My granddaughter and daughter both thought I was a bit nuts when they saw what was ahead.

Half way up first section of stairs.
Here is a closer look at the tree half way up the gorge in the quartzite cliffs.
The first flight of stairs were steep and partially outside the gorge.
Looking back down the first flight
A few small fissures near the tree.

And now for the second half to the climb.
The second stage was much shorter and not as steep. The girls were so out of breath by the time they got to the top they were ready to call it a day. I guess my weekend in DC got me into better shape than I realized because I wasn't even tired. It was so beautiful I didn't even mind the climb.

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