Sunday, September 18, 2011

Weekend Reflections: Face to Face

I still have a lot of work to do learning my settings especially when working with indoor low lighting and subjects that move. It took a fraction of a second too long to get this shot and the young boy moved but I still really like the composition of the shot so I thought I would share it and maybe you all can give me tips to improve shots like this one. To my thinking I should have increased the ISO and used a faster shutter speed. Although doing that I worry about too much noise in the image, what do you think?
f 5.6  1/40 ISO 800

You can see more terrific reflections at Jame's Weekend Reflection meme.


'Tsuki said...

That a very strong image, this Gorilla lloking at the child... The reflection you caught here is amazing.

James said...

Very powerful image! Excellent!

Dimple said...

This is a good shot, The boy's reflection is in the perfect spot.

I don't have any advice except experiment with different ways of doing photography. You will find what works and maybe some things you didn't expect that you really like!

Sivinden said...

Very effectful composition - great capture!