Sunday, May 20, 2012

Scavenger Hunt Sunday

This weeks hunt was very exciting. The prompts really generated so many ideas.
The prompts this week are rainbow, fluffy, letters, metal and tree(s).
I had so much fun playing around with this prompt. My work partner and oldest daughter came up with the idea of using skittles, and I ran with it.

I wanted to take a picture of Gabriel Iglesias  for this prompt but sadly he wasn't here, so I had to settle for something a little less wild. Fluffy pumpkin cookies with orange butter frosting.

Being part of a Navy family letters and the sea go hand in hand. My son-in-law is currently at sea so of course we are all missing him. Although it is hardest for the little ones, so with the prompt I decided I wanted to somehow use it to help my granddaughter express her feelings.

Can you tell I have our service members on my mind?

This tree reminds me of Jack's bean stalk . . . anyone up to climbing it and finding out for me?
So there they are folks, my submissions for this weeks scavenger hunt. Please click on the button below and pop over to Ashley's to check out what everyone else found, or join the fun.


Sandy said...

We are a military family with deep
roots and your Metals caught my
Very nice photos

Patrice said...

Great takes on the prompts - your Metal shot could have been Rainbow too!

Holly said...

Love your rainbow creative!

Ashley Sisk said...

Great set - I really like rainbow.

Vidya Sury said...

Beautiful collection of pictures. I loved your website too (Artistix Network, LLC)

Kay Rhodes said...

I really love your photos!!! great rainbow creative!!

Simply Jan said...

Ah - message in a bottle! That sparks the imagination! I especially love the one with the wave crashing over it. Nice.

Anonymous said...

Great bunch this week! I love your photo's, especially the first one! :)

Shannon Pate said...

Love them all! But that fluffy comment about Gabriel Iglesias cracked me up! Love him and his fluffy comments.