Tuesday, August 16, 2016

Bowen N Esten

When I heard that Clare Bowen and Charles (Chip) Esten from the TV show Nashville were going to be preforming at our local fair I was very excited. Nashville is one of my favorite shows and Clare is one of my favorite singers on the show, so being able to see and hear her in person was a real treat. Documenting the experience with my camera was icing on the cake. 

This handsome young guitar player singing with Clare has a great voice and has written a number of beautiful songs for Clare, but that isn't all he is also engaged to Clare!

This is my second favorite photo of I took of Clare. I shared my very favorite one in a post Here about why I think she is an amazing person which has nothing to do with her singing or acting.

Now for some of Chip Esten. Although he is not my favorite male singer on the show I do still like his singing very much. I have to say he was very entertaining.

My favorite photo of Charles Esten


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William Kendall said...

Excellent concert shots!