Monday, August 29, 2016

Changing Focal Point

I often take multiple photos of a scene or object changing the focus or perspective in each shot. I do this because I have found that sometimes my original "focus" vision for the shot isn't always the one that turns out to be the most striking image. Here is an example using some more of my air show photos.

While walking underneath these jet engines my eyes were drawn to the propeller on the next plane.

I thought it would make a cool shot to use the jet engines overhead as a half frame for the propeller of the next plane.

My main dilemma was deciding if I wanted the propeller blurry or sharp. Which wasn't much of a dilemma at the time as like I said before I generally take multiple shots with varied focus. It became more of a dilemma while going through my photos to decide which I liked best and wanted to share.

I keep going back and forth. One minute I like the sharp photo, the next I am drawn back to the blurry one. For me the blurry one has this aura about it. Be it a sense of urgency or maybe power, I can't quite figure it out. But whatever it is the blurry shot definitely captured my attention. 
What do you think? Sharp or Blurry?
Do you also change up your focus?

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